The House Society Built: A Message for Our Daughters.

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As young girls, we are taught we are perfect, just the way we are……until society gets a hold of us.

As young girls, we dream big, we dream long and we dream hard…..until society tells us what they value in our gender.

As young girls, we have big ideas, we feel we know how to get this done….until society tells us we sound like a bitch.

As young girls, we are confident, in our place in the world……..until society asks “who do you think you are?”

Chip…chip….chip. Society slowly chips away at our daughters. The daughters we willingly hand them.

We buy the magazines with impossible beauty standards.

We watch the television shows that personify girls in a lesser role than boys.

We buy into the stereo types that girls are caretakers at heart, and their emotions rule their brains.

We encourage our sons not to cry, because that is okay for girls, but not boys.

We use the words “I’m not friends with women, they’re too much drama or too catty”.

We teach our daughters to cook instead of change a tire.

We talk calories and fat to girls, but protein and muscle to boys.

We view society as something we can’t change. It is stagnant, that’s just society right? We view society as something we are thrown into and, we either conform, listening to the loudest voices, or we are a bit of a trouble maker. What if we viewed society as something we create? What if we become more Mindful of our thoughts, words and actions surrounding these stereo types? What if we had the control?

Are we being Mindful of the messages we are sending our daughters? Not just what we are saying verbally. What are we buying? What are we watching? What are the messages, we say to ourselves? How do we treat the women in our lives?

Young eyes are watching us ladies and gentlemen. Make no mistake, they are watching. They may be dormant for a while, but they are learning.

How important am I in this society?

What is my value?

What is my role?

Mindfulness around this subject, led me to set my intentions.

  • I want to be a role model of self-acceptance.
  • I want to live authentically so our daughters know it is okay to be who they are.
  • I want to shed the mask so our daughters will never wear one.
  • I want to love and accept my body, but not be overly concerned with its size.
  • I want to personify strength, in body and mind.
  • I want to speak of other women in an uplifting, encouraging manner.
  • I want to laugh and roll my eyes at the misogynistic magazines that line the checkout at the grocery store.
  • I want to get dirty and messy…..and NOT be in a hurry to clean up.
  • I want to set realistic standards, and not ever expect perfection of myself.
  • I want to support women loudly and consistently, not tear them down with stereo types.
  • I want to ensure my words never demean the boys in our life, as building myself up does NOT include tearing boys down.

So today, let’s say to our girls:

  • You are strong….and soft, and that is exactly who you were meant to be.
  • Your body was created a certain way, for many reasons. Love it, get to know it, and honor it.
  • Test your limits daily….you will be blown away at what you’re capable of.
  • Challenge yourself, you can’t imagine who you are at your core.
  • Don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Our empathy is but one of our strengths!
  • Your dreams are worthy, your dreams are unique, and your dreams are a reality only if you make them a reality!
  • You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!
  • Don’t ever let society speak for you! You have something to say? You better make sure you say it. No one will come knocking to hear it.


Your Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends.

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