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Kerry Foreman is a Registered Psychotherapist, with her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am passionate about Mindfulness and have been practicing and teaching for 4 years. I live in Monument, Colorado with my patient husband, a teenager, a tween and two rescue dogs, Norman and Fern.  I was raised in a college town in Muncie, Indiana. After a chaotic childhood, I moved out on my own at age 16.  I learned to be a fighter, through some tough life lessons.  Through using Mindfulness to increase my  self awareness, I realized, in my childhood I had learned and practiced faulty coping skills. I targeted them one by one, and slowly changed the cycles of my family, learned new behaviors, and worked to create new, positive habits for life. I did this in order to have a successful marriage and in order to be the kind of Mom I wanted to be. It took living with healthy people to absorb that I was not mentally healthy. I am passionate about our ability to create change. Change your thinking and it changes your life.

If we are truly willing to do the work required to raise our self awareness, we can create lasting change in our lives. Therapy can be intimidating, grounded provides life lessons without the intimidation factor. I am on a journey, for happiness. I invite you on this journey with me to watch the pitfalls, learn the lessons, and get right back up along side me. I love my life, and I want you to love your life as well!